Frequently Asked Questions

What are the legal requirements?

You must be a resident or citizen of the United States and be 18+ years old.

What does the work involve?

You choose the client you wish to work with. The work typically consists of taking inbound customer calls, answering emails or helping customers via chat involving service, tech support, billing or sales.

How long is the process and when will I start to generate income?

From the day you apply and register with the Arise network till the day you finish your training, it could take between 20-45 days (depending on the company you select to work with).

Is this easy?

Like any job, there are some levels of difficulty. Not everyone that applies will qualify. Please do not misunderstand flexibility, comfort and home job with “easy”. There is a lot to learn before you can start working with a client. Training can take between 4-6 weeks (depending on the company you choose to partner with) and your attention and dedication needs to be your top priority.

How do I get paid?

You will be a 1099 contractor of WFH Management and will be paid twice a month via Direct Deposit. You will have access to view your paycheck on our WFH Portal Page.

What is the differences between W-2 and 1099?

As a contractor of WFH Management you will be a 1099 contractor and NOT a W-2 employee. The difference between the two is that as a 1099 contractor your income taxes will not be deducted from your paycheck. It is your responsibility at the end of the year to pay the taxes of the income you generated. As a 1099 contractor you do have more tax breaks and can deduct more of your expenses than a W-2 employee (Consult your tax accountant for more details).

Can I choose my schedule?

Absolutely! Every week you will have the ability to access the system and select when and how much do you want to work. You must meet a min amount of hours required by the company you choose to partner with (typically the min hours required is between 15-20 hours)

Can I use a cell phone?

Unfortunately a cell phone or VOIP (or similar service) will not work. A hardwired phone line is required.

What are my out pocket expenses?

Background Check - $12.95 CSP 101 course and test - $5-$99 (depending on the demand Arise has currently) Client Certification Course – This depends on the client you choose (can range between $0-$250). You will not be paid during certification process. CSP Arise Network and Payroll fee - $40 every paycheck. This fee is to allow you to be a participant of the Arise Network and to cover your payroll expenses.

How much can I make?

Depends on you and the company you decide to partner with. Companies pay between $10-$20/hour (depending on the company you decide to work with). Please note that as a 1099 contractor and not a W-2 employee you will not get paid overtime; however you will not be limited to the hours you can work. You can service multiple companies if you wish.

What is Certification?

In order to service a company you must be trained and certified to handle calls for the company you choose. Certification does have a cost and it depends on the company you choose. Certification length of time depends on the company you choose to service but typically is between 4-6 weeks. As a 1099 contractor and not a W-2 employee you will not be compensated during certification.